Wardipedia is full of incredible examples of therapeutic inpatient care which members have generously shared so that others can adapt and adopt them.

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Please do send us details of work that you feel particularly proud of so that others round the country (and globe!) can also benefit from your achievements. They can be seemingly big or small; we’d love to hear about anything you’re doing!

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A few friendly points about submitted ward examples
We really, really welcome all ward examples!

  • We want to make the examples on Wardipedia really useful to other (very busy!) staff.
  • We want to include as many different examples as possible, so if new contributions duplicate existing examples, we may not be able to include them.
  • The information you include in this form will be initially sent to the Star Wards team who will be thrilled to hear from you.
  • We ask for your contact details because:
    • we might like to contact you in the future to ask more about the great work that’s going on in your area. However, there’s no need to submit this information if you prefer not too; just sending us your ideas, examples or views would also be greatly appreciated.
    • it’s very helpful for us to know which groups of staff are using Wardipedia as part of our efforts to make it as relevant as possible to as many staff teams as possible.

There’s no way we’d ever share your details with anyone else! We’re fully compliant with the 1998 Data Protection Act and are so concerned about confidentially that (possibly excessively!) we haven’t included the location of most of the ward examples within Wardipedia.

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